Things I’m learning about Jacksonville

  1. Florida Georgia is a BIG EFFING DEAL. 

Ok heres the thing, I literally thought it was some sort of music festival. They don’t say Florida vs. Georgia, there is no explanation no clear evidence that I missed that shows that this is a sporting event, that this is teams against each other, states against each other, colleges against each other…it literally just says Florida Georgia…ummm isn’t there some sort of country band named that? Well whatever Im not southern and don’t speak college football fluently…mistake, huge mistake.

I had a woman literally walk away from me saying “I cant talk to you,” I had a man look at me blankly and say “what do you mean?” when I asked “what is this Florida Georgia?” I felt like a typical dumb girl…ugh I hate feeling like a dumb girl…because I’m not a dumb girl, Im just not from here, not a “southern girl” and simply asked a question. Then I was asked “what are you drinking?” and I said “club soda” I had another two people walk away from me…Im not very popular in my new town…

Im not going to go all north vs south here…I could, but I live in the south now so I’ll adapt instead of dig my heels in. I’m currently listening to country music on my pandora, and Ill put the Florida VS Georgia college football game on today at 330 (I think thats the time)…I don’t know that I’ll sit there and watch it, but it’ll be on periodically in the background. Im a new englander, but Ill never live there again, so while remembering where I come from, I need to accept where I am. I’m learning the lingo here, just as I learned to leave R’s out of words. I don’t know that Ill join in and head to the outdoor cocktail party, but Ill certainly remember for next year that theres this game that the entire city will pay attention to…oh fuck it maybe Ill get tickets and pick a side…why not.