yoga and final relaxation

I had my first private lesson, my first teaching experience where I was the teacher with one single student, and I was 100% in control of what happened to this woman. It was incredible, daunting, at times confusing…and I cant wait to do it again. I moved through the asanas with another fusion of sivananda and vinyasa, to be honest more vinyasa than sivananda. My student has eye issues and inversions aren’t the best for her, and also I had taught a sivananda class in the morning so I wanted to try something different, and see how my mind played out with back to back different styles. My mind was on it, although I did wing it a few times, pausing in downward dog thinking “ummm wait what am I doing?” It’s neither here nor there, as the students don’t really know that we as teachers do that. In sivananda often I find myself thinking “what pose is next?!?!” while they’re relaxing comfortably in savasana (generally after fish for some reason), through my experiences so far, I’ve become more and more comfortable with winging it.

The interesting part of a one on one class is the lack of pressure that the client feels to stay silent, become aware of her (or his) inner thoughts, and to stay in final relaxation. My student was adorable, and funny and laughing and telling me all about how bad she was at her poses. In final relaxation after two minutes she popped up from savasana said “I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m done with this” and it was like that, ok cool relaxation is over, you’re the boss! We did our namaste’s and finished the class.

I would see her everyday if I could, maybe try to get her to two and a half minutes of relaxation next time…small goals, big miracles!

Om Om


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