My first vinyasa class teaching

I broke my big toe…on my right foot…trying to get into scorpion pose. Scorpion pose keeps yogi’s ego in check on a daily basis. Its the most liberating and also the most frustrating for me so far. Monday morning in my vinyasa class i was trying my best to lift my head up while my legs were bent oh so elegantly (ok fine awkwardly) behind my back and then i very rapidly and drastically needed to come out of the pose…basically i fell, but i fell on my foot so it didn’t look like i “fell” but i crashed and banged awkwardly on my big toe. My teacher heard the crack and said “oh no that was bad!” I naturally shook it off and said “no no it sounded worse than it really was” and then the sweat came…and the realization that I was in pain, and then the idiot ignorance that I think I got from my father…I ignored the pain and continued to practice.

Then the best news ever…at 4pm Eloise asked me to fill in for her at her 545 class…immediately I agreed because I am not allowed to turn any offer for classes down (my own new rule). That being said, me and my big broken toe went off to teach my very first yoga class outside of the ashram, to people that are not of blood relation. I took my ice and tried to numb my toe. I figure if I can’t feel it than I can practice yoga (again I may blame my father for that)!

To say I was sweating is an understatement, thank god for moisture wicking shirts! I was dripping sweat because every time I put any weight on my toe I was in so much pain that I thought I would die! But I guided, I practiced and I got through my first class…the whole class…with a big black broken toe…and I’m guessing it just might be easier next time. It was an elating experience that I cant wait to do again…minus the toe problem.


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