Fifteen minutes…

IMG_1489Full disclosure…Im a bundle of nerves. Im full of anxiety and pressure. Its the same story with every woman my age, every girl I’ve talked to. You mention anxiety and everyone starts shaking their head “yeah me too.” what is that? why is that? and how can we all just calm down!? we’re bogged down by the same expectations, be thin, be happy, be pretty… What if we’re not that pretty? what if we’re not that thin? How do we reconcile with that?! We all know the basics, its arbitrary, beauty is in the beholder, its skin deep, etc etc…the fact is that we all see the same movies, commercials and read the same articles. So how do we really get deep inside and remove the crap that swims around in our heads? Well my friends, with yoga…and thats it. Through yoga the noise quiets, even if just for an hour. The non-stop buzzing of pressure and anxiety and media and politics (ugh god politics) is quiet. I found yoga by practicing on youtube alone in my living room because I was going through IVF and my mind was a roller coaster. Through yoga even if for fifteen minutes, I promise your mind quiets…imagine fifteen minutes of peace…then imagine getting into your practice a little bit more, and maybe creating a half an hour of peace…then forty-five minutes, then an hour…then who knows? The possibilities are endless. But start, start with fifteen minutes, give yourself that. We’re constantly beating ourselves up, and breaking down. How about building ourselves up and creating something new? Something awesome? Something groundbreaking….just create some yoga, sit still with yourself, and be awesome. we’re all beautiful, and guess what? we’re all the same…just chillax. The thing about yoga is that if you give it a chance it will change your whole world…fifteen minutes at a time.


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