The thing about Bikram…

I did Bikram in my early 20’s…and there just happens to be a bikram studio close to my current home. I got the two week unlimited deal for new comers, I went religiously for a week, going six times in seven days…the think about Bikram is that I just hate it. Every single class i went to i questioned my sanity as if i was in a James Arthur Ray sweat tent. I never left the room, I was dizzy and on the verge of passing out / throwing up each and every time, yet I never left the room. The final time I went I was so depleted of all nutrients in my body that driving was honestly dangerous. I got home pale and shaky and then finally asked “what the hell are you doing?”

Bikram is bad ass, but is mostly full of older people. As i was sweating my ass off in lulu lemon outfits i was laying next to 70 year old men in hanes underwear. The thing i love about Bikram is that it makes you so hot that you have no awareness of “cool,” you literally could care less about who’s wearing what (not like anyones wearing much of anything) around you let alone their body structures. People are generally old, over weight and wearing their cotton briefs with pride. I do like that vibe…honestly. I like when people let it all hang out (ok not all of it) I like when people don’t care about their surroundings or feel an obligation to look a certain way, what i don’t like is the 110 degree heat and feeling of impending death.

So that decision is made, there is not a 10 thousand dollar Bikram yoga teacher training in my future…and I can cross that studio off my list. Im still in the market for the perfect place to go everyday and practice yoga, but maybe just maybe Ill have to make it myself.




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