the thing about yoga…

I’ve been back in America for almost three months….the thing about America is the choices, the options, the access to everything. In Macedonia I had a mirror and youtube, in south Florida I have anxiety about which studio to go to.

Studio 1 – deerfield beach – super fancy and cute, with a political and judgmental teacher…hmmmm the thing about yoga is that its the anti politic, the anti judgement zone. Obviously this studio wasn’t for me. I did Raja yoga where I basically just laid in a warm room for an hour and a half waiting for it to be over.

Studio 2 – west palm beach – not fancy, not even really nice. But the teacher, oh my god, so good! I thought you know what this is it, this is where i need to be. The teacher was even telling me about her pet chickens! Right up my alley. the class went at a nice pace, not crowded at all, sometimes i was even the only student…that is if the teacher showed up. I payed the groupon for the month, twice the teacher was a no show, and there wasn’t enough classes for me to get there before or after work…the thing about yoga is that if I want to become a true yogi and eventually start teacher training, I will need to practice everyday…if the teacher is a no show, its obviously not for me.

Studio 3 – lake worth – fancy and adorable. This studio felt like the girliest place on the planet, a picture on pinterest of perfect. It smelled like essential oils, the women were sweet and friendly. the teachers were pretty and gentle…the thing about yoga in my perfect world is that its difficult. I do need to get better at meditation, and focus, and the gentle aspects of yoga. However I have found that my meditation generally is while I am in a pose, while Im focusing on nothing but that moment. This yoga studio is expensive and beautiful and truly a magical sanctuary, but I need a little more bad ass in my practice.

Studio 4 –  Bikam bitches – yesterday I went to old faithful, a Bikram studio i found in west palm. I drove up to the studio which is an old church…yeah I know so freaking weird. But I knew what to expect from Bikram, I know the poses I know the heat, I know the length of time. I have been doing hot yoga on my own for a long time, I haven’t attended an actual class in years…The thing about Yoga is that its it can surprise you. I was fairly confident going into this class, and to be honest I wasn’t expecting to get dizzy from the heat, to have to sit out a few poses because the heat was excruciating. Now heres the thing about hot yoga, I feel like a warrior when I finish a class. I feel like I have just accomplished something so huge, and so phenomenal for myself, something that takes real strength and will power to get through the class.

So far I’m four studios deep, Ive learned different styles of yoga, different styles of teaching. My latest goal is to attend Bikram for 2 weeks straight, see how accustomed to the heat I become and see if thats my spot…if not well the thing about Yoga is that there is always another studio out there to try.


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