I QUIT…now what?

I finally did it, after months and months of debating and back and forth i finally had the courage to walk into my bosses office and resign. That was three weeks ago…I gave a two week notice and have spent the last five days blissfully unemployed…ok i need to work on the bliss. There is an unemployment glow, and like the pregnancy glow it wears off…and it wears off fast. My glow is gone, this doesn’t mean that I’m regretting my decision in any way at all, but i need to focus, I need routine…and I need to get it together.

Yesterday was spent literally horizontal, the only vertical time spent was to and from the kitchen to refill my already full stomach. The pain, and disgust I felt at myself throughout the entire day was awful. I was sad…I hit my unemployment low.

Well thank god thats over! Now there is nowhere to go but UP! Never one to dwell on a low, as I stuffed my face yesterday, I was coming up with a game plan on how I was going to wake up the next day and press reset. Sometimes in our lowest moments we find what we need. For me this is yoga. My game plan is to wake up each morning, have coffee and practice yoga. This focuses me for the day, it brings me peace and it keeps me calm. Also I developed a list in order not to live life on the couch watching awful tv (Modern Family excluded obviously).

  1. exercise everyday – be it yoga, hiking, running etc. every single day I need to do something active. I need confidence, and to rebuild my self-esteem, the only way i have ever been able to feel truly satisfied within myself has been through regular exercise and clean eating.
  2. Blog everyday – I need to write something down, and have something worth writing about each and every day.
  3. Read yoga inspired material everyday – my ultimate goal is to become a certified yoga instructor, everyday whether it is a magazine article, a book, or a yoga pant review, I need to stay focused on my goal and realize daily why I want to pursue it.
  4. Cook or bake something everyday – I love being in the kitchen, it makes me feel productive and happy. I love having my husband come home, walking in the door and immediately feeling excited because he smells something yummy cooking. It takes time, research, patience and ingredients to cook…It takes love to make recipes well, and lets face it everyone wins.
  5. Leave the house everyday – this i have to improve on…i am a home body…and someone who is always happy to be with friends, but generally needs to be dragged out of the house to do it. I need to get better.

so I quit…now lets get started.


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