I am strong, confident, beautiful, kind and ultimately at peace within myself.

Today a colleague of mine told me that I had lost a lot of weight. This validation made me straighten up in my chair and feel good about myself. But at the same time it deflated me a bit. I know how I look and feel, I shouldn’t need validation from anyone else to perk myself up. Compliments are so nice, and great to hear, but should not change what we know to be true. I should not sit up taller because a guy in the next office noticed my body. I should stand tall always because I notice my body, and I notice what is beautiful and what is inherently good from within.

I look too much for others approval and validation of my looks, actions and towards others to determine my mood. I will change this starting right now. Walking back to my office up the four flights of stairs, green tea in hands I created my very first Mantra.

Repeat it with me (follow with an OM if you wish!)

I am strong confident, beautiful, kind, and ultimately at peace within myself.


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