Thankful each day

Every year I make resolutions of course. I am always striving to be better and do better…and new year’s is always an exciting time for change and possibilities. I’m generally pretty good with sticking with resolutions, and even better at letting myself off the hook when I discard something that’s becoming bothersome. When New Year’s was getting close I started googeling ideas for resolutions. I wanted to do something different than the normal “lose 5 pounds.” One idea that stuck with me was a “thankful journal.” The idea is to write down one thing you’re thankful for everyday for the year, and then at the end of the year look back at 365 days of thankfulness, and also it gets you in the habit of realizing what you’re lucky to have.

Somehow I have stuck with this resolution, and have not missed a day since January. It has become a habit now and it’s so simple. I write a sentence every night before I go to bed of what I’m thankful for. Sometimes it’s as easy as “my dog” and others its complex. But it still gives me the feeling of peace before sleep, and it’s something that I have come to enjoy doing. Even on our worst days we have plenty of reasons to be thankful. I highly recommend this idea, and it doesn’t have to be January to make a change and be thankful.


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