St. Patrick

Oh how I love today. I have pale skin, red hair and big blue eyes…no one asks where my origins are from, everyone says “your family is Irish right?” Honestly I spent the majority of my life trying to undo these genetic traits. My red hair went from brown to black to blond. My pale skin was tortured in tanning beds, then sprayed orange (a la Lindsey Lohan), and has given me the strangest tan lines (fine burn lines) ever seen…My eyes have never been anything other than awesome I have to admit, luckily I had one physical attribute I celebrated. But from the time I hit puberty I was in a constant state of panic about my looks, and desperate for a way to change them. Through years of struggle and pain, I had to find acceptance. Nothing works! Nothing works when it is not natural for you. My skin burns, and it sucks, but that’s what I have…I need to protect it. It’s so much more beautiful when it’s white and not orange and not burned and not tampered with. I have accepted that I’m so much more comfortable in the shade with a wide brimmed hat than I am in the sun sweating and burning…and somehow hoping for a golden brown outcome. It’s not me, and it’s not going to happen…EVER. My hair, it’s thick and straight, not wild, not brown and not blond. When I’m blond I look like my hair and skin mesh into one. When I have brown hair I look ordinary. Most of the time I’m the only girl in the room with red hair…and that’s awesome. Red heads…we’re fiery, and that’s a fact.

Growing up is an obstacle course. Luckily I made it through without permanent damage, and I can stand proudly in the shade with 75 spf sunscreen on completely at peace. I know I’m the best version of myself when I’m honest, and honestly I’m getting better and better with every day of acceptance.

Happy St. Patrick’s day to all you crazy red heads, beautifully tanned beach goers and natural blonds, you’re all Irish today, live it up McStyle.



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