Let us eat cake

I am not a fan of deprivation. I do believe we are creatures of habit though, and once you are in the habit of eating clean and healthy, the “bad” foods are just not appetizing. That being said, it was recently my husbands birthday. I don’t eat cake…I generally don’t eat sweets…maybe a bit of dark chocolate in the middle of a menstrual crisis, but in general I am just not in the habit any longer of indulging in foods that do not benefit me mentally or physically. Now that I have officially cemented my place on my high horse, let me fall off! I decided to make him tiramisu, and had already decided to eat cake with him as a one off, come on he can’t eat his birthday cake alone! I used this recipe http://allrecipes.com/recipe/21412/tiramisu-ii/ I substituted rum extract for rum because for some reason I couldn’t find nips of rum in Skopje (character flaw of this city) and I used Plazma cookies instead of lady fingers. I toyed with the idea of making my own lady fingers and then got my shit together and improvised.

After spilling coffee grinds all over myself and my kitchen (literally shaking them from my hair) I got to work. Tiramisu isnt a tough dish to make, it’s just time consuming because you do it in different stages…and layers….which I did backwards…naturally.

My biggest question coming away from the experience is…exactly what type of container can you successfully make Tiramisu and cut pieces, extract pieces and serve pieces without said tiramisu looking like a blob on your plate?

Below please find picture of my blob…my amazingly glorious blob of yummy coffee, rummy, fluffy goodness that I ate…ok that I LOVED. Deprivation, control, will power, be damned!…tiramisu…worth every bite.



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