Where in the OM am I?

I am currently reading the book “where in the OM am I” by Sara Divello…and Im pretty much loving it. I relate to a lot of the subject matter. The feeling inside of needing to feel grateful for having a job, but it sucks the life out of you…but you have a job so you need to be grateful….but it sucks the LIFE OUT OF YOU! The constant belief that its simply irresponsible to quit, and you need to just stick it out…or get another job….which in the end will ultimately be the same. I enjoy her more mainstream look at the yogi culture. How us “normal” people feel when surrounded by yogi’s…which is a mixture of aw and repulsion. This book is helping me on my Inspiration Train, and I’m loving each page as it excites me for what is to come in my own journey.



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