Inspired…Be kind, have less…Inspire more

I am inspired lately by things that have a general theme of “less” and in “kindness.” Less being that of a more self-sustaining life, a way to get through things more organically than having to go shopping every day. A way of using what I have and growing what I need. I’m not talking off the grid by any means, or the non-deodorant wearing type of “less,” just a healthier, more environment friendly self-satisfying less. I’m googeling more and more about composts and rain water collection than I am about fashion and celebrity culture. I like this shift and I’m starting to inspire myself to make a real change, the real change is the ultimate shift though…which leads me to kindness. Full disclosure I have never thought of myself as a particularly “kind” person. The kindness I see in myself is reserved for animals and a very short list of people. Yet lately I’m wondering how to expand on this kindness and put myself on a kinder more gentle path. I have found and been inspired in the last few days by Jennifer Pastiloff’s blog and ideals in she’s all about women and empowerment and kindness through yoga and swearing and honestly just a lot of positivity and love from what I can see so far. I have been drawn to her brand because it’s not a kindness that is about Zen life and quietly thanking the trees, and being walked all over, it’s about swearing and yelling and listening. It’s more my style.

What I am ultimately inspired by is women who put their shit out there, are unashamed to say how they feel and inspire others to follow suit.

As I have gotten older I have calmed down a lot, I’m not angry, I’m not trying to impress and I’m not looking for anything that I don’t have. Therefore I believe it is time for me to stop following the rules with a corporate soul sucking job that I hate, and make a real inspiring change.

Here it begins, the start of my quest for happiness, stillness and calm within myself. I will give my notice, and develop into the person I am inspired to be through hard work, meditation, yoga, gardening, and all of the challenges that will come along with that. My journey is about finding my inner peace, my way of life that is not against the grain it’s against what the grain has taught me. I’m looking to stop the pressures of media, pressures of family expectations, unrealistic body image, and everything that gives me the anxiety that shortens my breath, the pain in my chest and the extra blinking to fight off tears for simply what has become my day to day life.

I have to be the one who changes, no one will do this for me…but please follow me along for the ride. we may end up inspiring each other.


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