Maria Sharapova….Oh Come ON!

I am a tennis fan…I am not however a Sharapova fan, this isn’t because of the recent doping scandal that has happened today, its because she screams when she hits and I find her impossible to watch. Its a tie for me between the screaming and the stupid superstitions she does between each and EVERY point. Nonetheless i have to be honest i cracked a half smile when the news was reported this morning regarding her taking a recently banned substance.

I feel bad about this. I don’t want to smile at others misfortunes…but then again, she took the substance…its not like she has an injury and I’m smiling about it. However knowing she wont be competing in the foreseeable future makes my tennis watching more enjoyable, now if only they could catch Nadal my dreams would be complete (get your hand out of your ass and stop putting invisible hair behind your ears).

I read a few articles about the drug, saying its popular in Russia (red flag duh) and eastern Europe, that its useful for heart problems and something else. Whatever Im not a doctor and to be honest even if it was for her “family diabetes” as she says which honestly whoever told her to say that should be fired. Its for more energy and a faster recovery…which equals performance enhancing drugs.

To me all athletes and people in general have an obligation to understand what is going into their bodies. If you’re taking anything other than a multi-vitamin, you should know what you’re swallowing. I hold her 100% responsible. As I hold all of us 100% responsible. We are not randomly drug tested, but the poisons we put into our bodies with the processed foods and hormone enriched everything, maybe we should be.

Sharapova is a lesson learned, as ignorance does NOT mean innocence. we are all ignorant sometimes when eating, and not knowing still shows the same guilty results. With the amount of information available to us now we have NO excuse to be ignorant of chemicals. We need to be good to our bodies, we need to understand what we are doing all the time.


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