Energy Balls!


These are amazing! And the actual result comes out just like the picture (hardly ever happens to me). I am so proud to have made these. I like a good granola bar, and like so many others I am from the school that if it says “granola” its healthy and good…and then by chance the other day as I was eating a tiny “healthy” granola bar, I randomly looked at the ingredients, I was SHOCKED that the ingredients took up the entire back side of the wrapper. This to me is unacceptable. As I grow and learn about food and what food I want to put into my body, I’m not talking total vegan with moon sprinkles that cost $100 per vile or “I only eat fruits that have fallen from the tree cause picking is murder! Type of choice, but good, healthy non altered food. I’m just more aware now and am excited and greatful honestly when I make something that adds to me and my families health. In the end I HIGHLY recommend this recipe, and I garuntee you will love it, I would also recommend doubling your recipe, these will go fast!!

try to make them, heres the link to gimmesomeoven, one of my go-to recipe spots! 


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