10 Tips that I always do to stay active, in control of my weight, and motivated to push through

  1. Take the stairs at work. While going down isnt always an option because wearing 4 inch heels and heading down 4 flights of stairs is just dangerous, up is ALWAYS an option. I take the stairs every time I go for a coffee, go for lunch etc. 4 – 5 times up 4 flights of stairs is not nothing!
  2. Eat clean – the fact of the matter is that your weight is 70% (if not more) of what actually goes into your body, and only 30% exercise. You can do three a day cardio sessions, but if you’re inhaling hamburgers, ice cream and pasta in-between it just doesn’t matter. When I have setbacks like injuries, I can remain confident that I will not gain weight because I am mindful of what I put into my body.
  3. Remember that “you’re worth good food” you are worth more than fried crappy food, You deserve the good stuff! I only want to put the good stuff in my body, because I don’t deserve to be treated badly. Bad food treats us badly, it messes with our moods, our figures and our confidence. Don’t give food that power, make your own power from healthy foods that make you feel happy, energetic and strong.
  4. Have yummy yogurts around to aid the sweet cravings! And remember “craving that will last 30 minutes OR the body you’ve wanted your whole life”
  5. Make smoothies…because they’re awesome.
  6. Im not shy about saying “no” when someone offers me food…if I don’t want it, I’m not taking it, no explanation necessary. Be authentic about what YOU want, and don’t feel bad about not accepting something. You will feel better in the long run for not ruining your diet by accepting a chocolate cookie because Suzie made them. Suzie is clearly trying to make you fat.
  7. Get inspiration from Pinterest such as quotes, recipe ideas and pictures of really good looking people…sounds nuts but pretty people motivate me…do whatever works for you!
  8. Never buy chips, or any easy snack. Cookies, chips and crackers are the easiest thing to grab and chow down on, especially WHILE you’re making yourself a healthy meal. Save yourself the defeat and DO NOT even buy them, at least not until you’re well into your diet and have total self-control (which to be honest may never happen).
  9. Listen to music that makes you want to move, and be sexy. Put on some sort of pop music all about sex and dance and sing in the mirror to feel like the pop star you really are. This generally motivates me to stay off the carbs cause well…lets face it I don’t think Taylor Swift eats bread.
  10. I try very hard never to be starving! I try to always carry fruit with me, when hunger strikes I grab a piece of fruit. If I know that I’m getting hungry now and wont have dinner for over an hour, ill eat a piece of fruit. Hunger is the ultimate enemy, if you’re not hungry you won’t over eat or lunge at unhealthy foods. I promise an apple, orange or banana is NOT going to ruin your appetite for your dinner. Eat fruit, stay full and be kind to yourself.

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