Ok so I downloaded a meditation app. everyone is so down with meditating right now, I feel ignorant for not giving this new trend my all! I tried it once and ended up sleeping on the couch for an hour…haven’t tried again as I don’t have an hour to spare at the moment. But ten minutes, I think I can find. I mean I was watching “billions” the other day and both Paul Giamatti AND Damian Lewis were rocking meditation apps and getting zen in their respective spaces. Ok “billions” aside, I need a meditation schedule. While 10 minutes is not a lot of time, remembering to do it, being consistent so it shows results and getting the real experience is necessary. I can NOT meditate in the morning.

  1. I get up too early, 10 minutes (the equivalent of a snooze button hit) with my eyes closed would ultimately result in my falling into a deep REM cycle
  2. I am not getting up ANOTHER 10 minutes early to fucking meditate, say all you want sleep is better.

I don’t have time during the work day, I don’t have my own office and mediating in front of the imbecils  that I work with wouldn’t exactly score me any points on the calming scale (plus this could cut into my pinterest time).

So this leaves the evening. I will have to do it after I eat dinner, and try to calm the thoughts of the day.

*will update you with results, already feel calmer thinking about meditating…


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