why am i so tired??

I am a morning person…that rare breed of human that wakes up early and enjoys the mornings. My favorite time of the day is before everyone else wakes up, sitting outside and drinking coffee with my husband while the world slowly wakes.  630am is the time of day that I look forward to everyday. Ive never felt tired in the mornings, never been anything but full of energy until the usual after lunch crash, where you grab a coffee at 2pm to keep from slumping in your chair and giving in to your mind that’s saying “if I just close my eyes for 5 minutes no one will notice.” that being said I’ve been so tired the last four days from 930 am until 12 (lunchtime outings always lift me up). Getting to work at 8am and being exhausted by 930 is NOT ok! Literally my eyes are rolling back glazed over, I have to do a lap around the room to keep from passing out.

What is the cause!? I go to bed at a normal hour, I get enough sleep, I eat healthy, I take vitamins, I exercise, I don’t drink alcohol during the week…what exactly could be the cause of my exhaustion?!?! I googled it naturally, and found that possibly my morning cereal is to blame…I have few joys in life when it comes to food, I am very strict with what I eat because I know it affects how I feel mentally and physically. My favorite meal is breakfast…this is when I allow myself to eat carbs, I pour a bowl of muesli cereal maybe a little larger than the suggested serving size, I sit on the floor and watch the morning news. The only conclusion I can come to is the carb loading at 530 is causing the crash at 930…experiment time…this morning I ate a grapefruit for breakfast. Not even close to as satisfying, nor as filling, but if it’s going to alleviate my morning crash I’m game to at least give it a shot. Google said that it could be the reason, and lets face it, if google said it then it must be true!

Its 930am now, im a little sleepy but not as bad as yesterday…ill keep you posted.

EF that grapefruit in the morning, I love cereal, im eating cereal, and I will just simply convince myself that I am not tired. Whats the strongest muscle in our bodies? Our brains, what do brains do EVERYTHING, so done “Im not tired at all” I will repeat this to myself when I feel tired and psychologically change my sleepiness.

Im a genius.


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