Tea…who knew??

I am from New England, land of Dunkin Donuts, beer, cigarettes and the patriots. We’re not fitness fanatics, we’re not very healthy and we are CERTAINLY not tea drinkers. Basically its un-American to prefer green tea to a turbo extra large coffee from dunkin donuts with cream and sugar (my bad, extrah laaahge caughffee with cream and sugah, R’s and antioxidants are not necessary). Ask for a shot of wheat grass and they will probably direct you to Boston common to munch on Boston’s finest, after pouring you a shot of Jameson, you did ask for a shot of something, am I right? So when I initially moved to south Florida it was basically another planet…After quickly developing an unhealthy relationship with food from the bikini pressures for your basic Irish transplant I knew something had to change. I had to fuse these two things together…this has taken years, but this was the first fusion process of many I would develop.

I tend to go overboard with everything, so tea was no exception. When I decided to adopt tea into my life and cut down on coffee (a decision that took years due to my subconscious screaming TRAITOR!!!!!), I needed to do my research as to WHY I should be drinking this hippie crap. I read online that if I could drink 6 cups of green or black tea per day I would feel full, and get weight loss effects from tea…ummm theres a good reason to shut up my subconscious! Ill do it, done how easy is that??! Especially because I read that you can double up on the tea bags, in one cup and it counts as 2…easy peasy, Ill rock this tea diet! So I sit down with two black tea bags, let them steep in the boiling water for about ten minutes, add a spoon full of honey and prepare myself to be full, healthy and an official tea drinker (after I had a coffee in the morning, im not a freaking saint people!). Now there were no warnings on the websites that these teas have caffeine content as well, and…that things can happen with tea…things I was not aware of…day one made me sick, really sick, saliva in my mouth ready to run to the toilet sick…this I did not attribute to the tea for some reason, and decided to stick to the regimen…day 2…worse, throw up sick…day 3 “hmmm maybe this tea is making me sick” day 4…”I cant do it anymore im so sick from the tea…not hungry so it works but im so sick I feel like I will die!” … day 5…fine I give in, one tea bag only, 4 times a day…I had to alter my tea drinking madness because well lets face it, im not going to sit in linen pants with a scarf around my head drinking jasmine tea with lemon, I need some purpose. If it’s going to suppress my hunger im down, if its going to taste like mountain flowers you can keep it.

Routine =

630am coffee, 8am black tea, 930am green tea, 2pm black tea, 3-4pm coffee, after dinner mint tea. Throughout the day i always have my water bottle and drink plenty of water. I am hydrated people, I have fused tea and coffee together for weight loss, antioxidants and hey a little stomach ache wont kill me, and when I know I need to skip a meal (don’t judge me we all need to do this every now and then!) ill double up on my tea bags and prepare for the long painful journey ahead.


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