Bagel Fairy

Give me an American that does not like bagels and I will give you a letter telling them they suck. There is nothing more amazing in this world than a fresh bagel, toasted with cream cheese and a slice of tomato…it can cure hunger, hangovers and marital fights. Unfortunately for me, and the entire population of Macedonia, Bagels do not exist here. They aren’t in the bakery’s, there is no “buy one get one free” Thomas’s in the bread aisle, no dunkin donuts, eisteins, panara…just no bagel making awesomeness that my culture demands!

So whats a girl to do? When you cant buy it…MAKE IT.  Now this venture that I set out on was a shaky one. For the first year that I have lived here I just thought I would have to wait until I landed on American soil to enjoy a bagel. I thought they were un-makeable, that the bagel fairy’s just delivered them to their rightful baskets each morning and we consumed them (like all other American products, they are there and we don’t need to think at all past that).

Well my craving hit a high last week, and on a whim I googled it. Turns out the fairy does NOT in fact deliver these luscious breakfast treats, they need to be made with labor and love just like anything else. So I made my grocery list and prepared my Saturday morning schedule for bagels! The recipe that I chose was from epicurious and it is phenomenal. Its labor intensive, but worth all of the struggles…and weirdness (who knew a freaking bagel was boiled first?!) Anyway I skipped the overnight portion and let the dough rise for two and a half hours. Next time I will double the recipe so I can enjoy for longer…my husband and I tore into these with no mercy, they made it until Sunday morning.

So here’s another triumph in bringing my comfort levels higher. Never again shall is say “I miss bagels, or “I want a bagel,” or “who do I need to sleep with to get a bagel in this country!?” I surprise myself sometimes living here, the things I can accomplish, and the will to follow through and find / make what I need. I have become proud of myself, I believe a little more in myself. I knew bagels were magical, but this weekend they did more than satisfy my craving, I became my own bagel fairy and stand a little taller now for it.


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