“we are called to Rise” by Laura McBride


“we are called to rise” starts off interesting enough, the setting itself being Las Vegas makes you think it’s going to be a great story filled with messy everything! I’m known to like a little (ok fine a lot) of mess in my reading… However this book falls short on many occasions and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I was looking for a fun summer read with a bit of drama…this was a miss. The characters are under developed, you don’t feel like you know any character at all except for Bashkim the 7 year old Albanian boy. Not an exciting part of the messy Vegas I wanted to read about. If I wanted to read a book that was written from a 7 year olds perspective and voice I would have gone to the children’s section.  All in all I was trying to read the book just so I could finish it and move on.


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