“The nightingale” by Kristin Hannah

I have not been touched by a book like this in a long time. Through the story of isabele and Viane I was transformed. I feel connected to a war that I did not live though, and I feel so proud of people who I have no connection to. This book inspired me, and made me wonder what I would do if put in their situation. One ordinary, one reckless…both ending up doing extraordinary things for strangers. I hope I would be so brave. I finished this book last night, and am not ashamed to say I cried my way through the ending, I have no idea the last time, if ever, I cried reading a book. This morning when I was telling the story to my husband, I was holding back tears again, as if these characters were people I knew, people I was inspired by. I recommend this book to everyone, it will push you and inspire you and hopefully make you hold your loved ones a little closer at night.

The only bad part about reading a book this phenomenal, is that the next book I read wont measure up.


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